Kinds Words

I went into my session with Carolyn at Empowerkin Kinesiology without expectation and was blown away. When I arrived I had been suffering from a painful hip flexor that caused me to limp and on occasion unable to walk. I had never experience Kinesiology before and wasn’t even sure if it would even improve my hip flexor. Within minutes of Carolyn starting the treatment, I was blown away by how the body works and is connected. Being a personal trainer I understand muscle and movement, but this opened up a whole new level of body connectivity to me. At the end of the session, I felt strong, balanced and connected in a whole new way to my body. I would highly recommend Carolyn and Empowerkin Kinesiology, it was truly an amazing experience.
Tina, Narre Warren

I just wanted to say a huge thankyou to the wonderful Carolyn. Not only were you able to work your magic on me, you were also able to determine exactly what my body needed at any time and work on that area specifically. I always leave feeling physically and spiritually rejuvenated. Your passion for helping others really shines through and I would thoroughly recommend you to anyone who needs a physical and spiritual lift! Thanks again and I will see you soon.
Wendy Hull

I want to say a really big thank you to Carolyn. You have helped me to relieve my lower back pain. After having three pregnancies, I have been suffering from lower back pain. Carolyn helped me strengthen my pelvic floor muscles. I would highly recommend Carolyn to all my friends and family. I found to be very attentive, respectful and professional. A really amazing experience.
Thanks again Carolyn.

In my Kinesiology sessions with Carolyn, I have found her to be a supportive, professional and knowledgeable practitioner. During our sessions she has been able to tap into issues which have been effecting me for a long time. After our sessions I feel centered, calmer and more in control of my life.
Thank you Carolyn.

Much love and thanks to you Carolyn, I always enjoy balances from you, feeling at ease to open up in the safe environment you create, comfortable to express my true thoughts and trust your amazing methods that work. I feel emotionally balanced, clear minded, energetic and ready to conquer any past emotional pain that arises. All I have is praise in the work that you do, big fan, V Pose all round! \ 0 /

My daughter is 7 years old and has delayed development. Because of this, she struggles with her school work and behaviour and self esteem. My daughter has always about 6 months behind the rest of her class. In working with Empowerkin Kinesiology and Carolyn my daughter has caught up with her reading and is in the middle of her class now. We have less self esteem issues and she has more confidence within herself to take on challenges which most children find easy in which she has struggled with. I would recommend Empowerkin Kinesiology to anyone who is willing to give Kinesiology a go. It has help my daughter in becoming a more confident young girl.
Nicolette - Berwick