My name is Carolyn and I just want to share some information with you. I am a qualified Kinesiologist living in the Berwick area and mum of 2 primary school age children. I have a passion for helping kids to make learning easier.

Kinesiology is a natural, interactive process to help bring balance to both children and adults alike. I have studied a variety of different types of Kinesiology, but Brain Gym is what is most often used in schools. It is an interactive, fun type of Kinesiology that can help kids and adults alike in the following ways:

  • Help to settle and calm down ready for work / learning after play time
  • Help integrate left and right brain learning
  • Help to form lower case letters correctly and improve handwriting
  • Help to listen and retain what is learned


Carolyn King presented two sessions on Kinesiology to our teachers and learning support officers. Her presentation was both informative and interactive giving our staff valuable strategies and exercises to support our students in their learning and overall wellbeing. Thank you Carolyn for the valuable learning experience.

Kathy van Leusen
Deputy Principal
St Catherine’s Primary School

I loved Carolyn's presentation it was engaging, active, and informative.  She presented practical strategies that are easily integrated into the classroom.

Simon Cosgriff


St Catherine’s Primary School

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