As a Kinesiologist, muscle monitoring is the main tool I use with my clients. It can be used in emotional healing; when choosing supplements; determining food intolerances and immune mismatches, plus more...Continue Reading →

Not a day goes by where I don’t use essential oils.
For me they are a part of my life. I use them as perfumes; in my skin and care routine, I even make DIY deodorant and cleaning products with them! I also simply use them to support for my day-to-day emotional well-being. Did you know there is vast, actual scientific evidence that (pure, high quality) essential oils can have a powerful impact on our wellbeing?Continue Reading →

Kinesiology is a healing modality that looks at the body as a whole. That includes not only your physical body but also your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well. Through gentle muscle monitoring a kinesiologist can determine where there are any stresses in your life, where it is affecting you in your body and how you can reduce or eliminate them. How can Kinesiology help relieve stress & tension to empower your life?...Continue Reading →

Are you holding on too tight to the past? Dramas are all around us, if that’s what we focus on. It’s easy to get involved in family dramas when we feel like we need to be heard. ....Continue Reading →

THREE years ago Berwick mum, Carolyn King, took a handful of sleeping tablets in an attempt to end her life, having battled depression and low self-esteem....Continue Reading →

Just as you can choose to remember the good times of 2015 (or the not so good times), you can choose to steer your life in your desired direction (or not) in 2016. The choice is you...Continue Reading →

Energetic Kinesiology takes a holistic look at how your body is working. Through gentle muscle monitoring techniques I can determine where there are stresses in both your body and your life. Things like emotional issues, dietary stresses and energy blockages can all cause your body to work at a less then optimal level. The imbalances can cause you pain, discomfort, issues with sleep, weight and energy levels. Once the stress has been identified we can start the healing process by using a variety of tools, some of which are listed below. A session usually lasts for about an hour but some kinesiologists run sessions for as short as ½ an hour or as long as an hour and a half. .....Continue Reading →

It can sometimes be easier to put on a smile than to let people know how you really feel on the inside. As someone that’s suffered from depression, I can honestly say that those feelings of inadequacy, loneliness and despair have all gone for good. When I smile now, it’s a genuine smile, from the inside out. .....Continue Reading →

Whether you believe in their power or not crystals are a gift from the universe. Find out which crystals you need in your life and allow them to support a happier you.....Continue Reading →

The connection between mind and body is very powerful. So much that our emotional pain can be stored in our body as muscular pain, as the energy the emotion creates needs to be released....Continue Reading →

Brain Gym was created by Paul Dennison in the 1970’s. Having grown up with severe learning challenges, Paul found that through ‘movement’ he could overcome these challenges, and hence Brain Gym evolved...Continue Reading →

The definition of kinesiology is: the study of the mechanics of body movements. But what does that mean and how does kinesiology work? Here the holistic healing technique is broken down and explained...Continue Reading →

In one way it’s been great to see so many articles on depression in the magazines and on television, it shows that it is no longer a taboo subject. On the other hand it’s frightening to see just how many people have felt depressed or had someone they love go through depression. Most people who haven’t experienced depression have no idea how low you can feel. They believe that there has to be a “reason” for someone to feel depressed and that if they just “get over it” they will be fine...Continue Reading →

Life before I realised I was depressed was up and down. I struggled to fit in and feel liked by others. At school I performed well academically and was successful in everything I did after that. I never struggled to find a job and had worked my way from assistant accounts to Office Manager in six months and then completed my Advanced Diploma in Accounting (Business). Scroll Down to Page 11...Continue Reading →