About Carolyn

Empowered Happiness Discovering Bliss beyond Depression

My journey into practising Kinesiology started over 8 years ago when I was having trouble conceiving. After trying many different natural healing methods, I was introduced to Kinesiology. At the time I had no idea what it was about, nor what the practitioner was doing. There were no medical reasons why I wasn’t falling pregnant but due to my age (I was only 30!) and the fact we had been trying to conceive for many years, conventional medicine put me on the path of hormone injections at the Monash IVF Clinic. At the same time I had 3 Kinesiology sessions. I was wonderfully excited when we conceived after our first cycle at the Clinic, but the staff at the clinic were all surprised it happened the first time around. To them, it was not a regular occurrence. Understanding what Kinesiology is and how it works, I know understand the impact those 3 sessions had.